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5S in the Food and Beverage Processing Industry

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You may have heard the term 5S before, and for good reason. It’s a proven method of workplace organization that can be applied across a host of industries. The 5S methodology is becoming increasingly important to the food and beverage processing industry as USDA and FDA regulation becomes tighter and tighter. Specifically, Federal regulators are looking very closely at the types of lubricants used in food processing plants. From where they are used to where and how they are stored, lubricants are getting a lot of attention. You may be thinking that you are safe, that you have and use all of the food grade lubricants in the right places. And that may be true, but do you store your food grade lubricants with non-food grade lubes? Are they clearly labeled and organized? These are important questions to ask. If you can’t answer these questions then you run the risk of a non-food grade lube finding its way into a food grade application. What if that is the day that a regulator stops by to take some samples? There could be hefty fines in store for the simple mistake of grabbing the wrong lubricant. That is where 5S comes in. Reorganizing your lubricant room and program with the 5S process can not only keep your facility safe from fines, it can save you in soft costs too! No longer will you have to search for the lubricant you need, it will be where it is supposed to be, every time. The 5S method can also help keep the wrong lubricant out of equipment, potentially saving thousands in costly repairs. To learn more about the 5S process or how ACS can help, call us at 888-846-5101 or email sam@aircompressor-service today!


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