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Selecting the Right Oil for Your Compressor


When it comes to compressor lubrication, there are no shortage of products claiming to be the latest and greatest thing on the market. There are a few things to know about compressors prior to choosing a lubricant. An air compressor creates a lot of heat, which mixes with oil and air, the perfect environment to oxidize your lubricant. This shortens its life, and can cause premature wear and varnish on the equipment, shortening its life and reducing effeciency, both of which are bad for the bottom line. Compressor lubricant also acts as your compressor's coolant, which is often why compressor lubricants are labeled as coolant rather than oil. Conventional engine and motor oils are not formulated for this type of environment or function. At Air Compressor Service, we recommend using a synthetic lubricant formulated specifically for use in compressor applications. Synthetic lubricants offer far better resistance to oxidation and wear than conventional or synthetic blend lubricants, making them ideal for use in compressor applications. Synthetics can often be used a lot longer between fluid changes than conventional lubricants as well, often negating the higher initial cost of a synthetic lubricant. It's also vital to check your equipment's owner's manual to find out what SAE grade is recommended by the manufacturer. We use our DR 46 Synthetic lubricant in many compressor applications because its additives are specifically formulated for use in compressors. If you need help selecting a lubricant for your compressor, give us a call at 888-846-5101 today!


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