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Energy Rebates for Compressors and more!


Energy Rebates

Are you considering new construction or buying new equipment? Did you know that PUD, PSE, Seattle City Light, and other utilities offer rebates and incentives for compressors and related equipment? Rebates aren't just for lighting projects anymore! At Air Compressor Service, we work with you and the utility company to get you a top of the line energy efficient equipment and the maximum rebate as well. Over the years we have helped many many customers apply for rebates and have not once been denied. We help you save money on your monthly power bill and on the cost of equipment. If you are building a new facility, considering new equipment, or an air system improvement project call Air Compressor Service today to see how much money we can help you can save on your project!

Common Types of Equipment and Projects Considered for Rebates:

  • Variable Speed Air Compressors
  • Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers
  • Desiccant Dryers with Dew Point Controls
  • Air Storage Projects
  • Zero Loss Drains
  • High Efficiency Filtration Upgrades
  • System Pressure Reduction Projects


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