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What's the right kind of compressor for your business? Part 1/3

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What type of compressor is best for your business? Part 1/3

Wait-there’s more than one type of compressor? There are many different types of compressors, and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Over the next few weeks ACS will be highlighting the three most common compressor types, stay tuned for more!

Reciprocating/Piston Type Compressors

The most common compressor, and by far the most easily recognizable type of compressor in the business. Reciprocating compressors are very efficient pieces of equipment, they only run when there is a demand for air. This is turn reduces wear on the compressor as well. With routine maintenance, a quality piston compressor will last for many years. There are some drawbacks to piston/reciprocating compressors though. While their run on demand quality is energy efficient and wear resistant, the converse of that is they need to shut down on a regular basis to cool down. For applications that need a constant supply of air, piston compressors are not ideal. They are most suited to applications where they run about 60% of the time and shut down the other 40%. With small sized compressors to those in the hundreds of horsepower, reciprocating/piston compressors are efficient, long lasting pieces of equipment that fit in a variety of applications. For more information on whether or not a piston type compressor is right for your application, call ACS at 888-846-5101 today!


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