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Air Compressor Service was born as a service company and continues to provide the best in professional service, repair and overhauls for most major makes of industrial air compressors for business ranging from manufacturing and hospitals, to fire departments, diaries and food processors.  We are licensed, bonded and insured. 

Preventive Maintenance
Don’t wait until your compressed air system fails to call us!  Routine maintenance service is essential if you want to keep your systems running efficiently and reliably.  Air Compressor Service provides preventive maintenance services for your compressor, air dryer, filters, oily water separators, vacuum pumps and other components of your compressed air or vacuum system.  More…

Repairs and Overhauls
Air Compressor Service repairs most major makes of industrial air compressors.  If your compressor is beyond routine repair, it still may be more economical to have us overhaul it
than to buy a new one.  We can help you pick the best option for your situation. 

Emergency Repairs
Even the best equipment fails and when it does, we are here for you 24/7 to provide emergency repairs.  We have service technicians throughout the Puget Sound area in order to provide you
with a quick response. 

Energy Audits
A major strength of Air Compressor Service is conducting energy audits of compressed air systems to determine what energy savings can be realized by upgrading to newer, more efficient equipment or by merely modifying your current compressed air system.  Audits often reveal
savings sufficient to obtain substantial power company grants to help procure the needed equipment.  Air Compressor Service has extensive experience in this area and can assist
you with the grant process. 

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